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We publish material of an artistic nature that is adult-oriented and erotically inclined. We also publish works on themes of sexual education and health. Our publishing activities encompass the broad spectrum of human sexual activity, longing and desire.

We work with authors and publishers of erotica and romance literature, sexual education and health, providing professional and confidential services in areas that include e-books and e-publishing, web design, web publishing, sales and marketing services and support.

We are guided by the principle that eroticism is a healthy celebration of human sexuality and strive to present it in the best possible taste. Our mission is to contribute to an enlightened view of human sexuality and the behaviour that ensues. We accept that it is primarily a matter of choice, one which people should enter into freely, with informed consent.

Our publishing activities provide equal prominence and attention to the sexual appetites, energies and desires of women and men regardless of sexual orientation, preference, taste. The content which we publish is limited only to that which is safe, legal, healthy, respectful and fun.

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