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Are you an author of erotic or romance literature - fiction, non-fiction, poetry?

Would you like to see it published in printed or e-book form?

  • We can turn your manuscript into a print-ready proof, ready for publishing
  • We can convert it to e-book format acceptable to all the common e-readers and devices, suitable for sale and distribution on all the popular publishing platforms - Kindle, Smashwords, et al.
  • We can design a cover for your book optimised for both printed and digital media
  • Editing, proof-reading, critique and appraisal services also available
  • We can help you to market and sell it to your target audience, with the opportunity to earn an income or recognition, or both for your work
  • We can create and design for you your own free-hosted website or blog, with full e-commerce facility so that you can take sales and accept payment.

You can become a published author in no time at all. With time, patience and effort you can become a successfully published author. It really is that straightforward. We can help you along that path. We have already done so for other authors. We want to help you to succeed.
Erotic literature and publishing in print and e-book format

We offer a professional service, at affordable rates with confidentiality guaranteed

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